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Jesus was not required by law – either governmental or religious – to marry.And, though he was in many ways a normal Jewish man (see Chapter 2 of my book ), in others ways he was utterly unusual.Both Philo and Josephus attest to the fact that Essene men remained single in the time of Jesus.But, one might argue, this kind of behavior was common only on the outskirts of Jewish society.It does seem rather fantastic to imagine that if Jesus had been married to Miriam of Magdala, whom we know as Mary Magdalene, or to any other woman for that matter, this fact would have been completely omitted from all of the earliest records of Jesus’ life.Those who claim that the earliest Christians conspired to hide this information because it confirmed the fact that Jesus wasn’t divine forget that the supposed conspirators often gave their lives because they believed Jesus to have been divine.But then Jesus never shied away from the unusual or counter-cultural, especially when it came to his relationships with women.

Philo, a contemporary of Jesus, was a Jewish philosopher who lived in Alexandria, Egypt, and who wrote many volumes in the first half of the century.If, when he reached the age at which young men in his day married, Jesus and his family realized that he had a special calling which would make marriage quite difficult, then he could surely have remained single.