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I then a blog pointed out that the unshielded single data wire could act as an antenna and cause damage and/or a security problem: “…AC Power Adapter dead? The memory is accessed using a 1 wire communication protocol known as "1-wire"..DS2501 in the DELL AC Power Adapter contains the identification info of the power adapter.

…the DELL AC power adapter used for the DELL Latitude D610 has an Identification wire, which is the tiny center pin in the power plug. After a few searches in the MAXIM component database, the transistor shaped device is a Unique Ware™ Add-Only Memory, known under type DS2501, DS2502, DS2505 or DS2506. The DELL laptop reads the identification info during startup of when it's connected while started.

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It hard to attribute the NSA/CIA/FBI and GCHQ or the Russians at this point of scamming the USA out of digital weapons.

• December 2, 2017 AM "I would hazzard that exposing and eventually dumping some N-Large-% of the Tao Database" You're overstating that percentage.