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This neo-skiffle treat also featured harmony vocals by former Linda Ronstadt session vocalist Nicolette Larson.She was repaying a favor, as at the end of 1978 Eddie had stealthily recorded a guitar solo for her hit Nicolette album against Roth’s wishes.” creating the old-timey bottleneck sound that made this original song sound like a traditional sea shanty.David Lee Roth, whose parking-lot fingerpicking skills remained unsung, joined on second guitar.I just don’t see how he played it that way, but he did.I’ve been to a few Van Halen shows and I put on Ed’s guitar and it’s just the complete opposite of the way I set up mine.“When I got it back,” Holmes told The Inside, “the bridge was turned around backwards and all that intonation.

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Moving beyond his former heroes Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck, Eddie now championed the playing of jazz-fusion virtuoso Allan Holdsworth, whose slapping technique was predicated on funk. That’s probably why I do all these weird things on guitar.” “Tora! “–which Eddie had wanted to call “Act Like It Hurts”–began with backwards guitar before lurching into a Sabbathy dirge that introduced the spastic “Loss of Control.” Though Eddie had written the music the same day as “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love,” Roth’s lyrics were still incomplete, so he improvised a helicopter pilot transmission at the start of the song.

Eddie had maxed out on speed and flashy technique, and was trying to push his playing in more subtle ways. MTV was more than a year away from launching in the States, but the band produced a strange concept video for “Loss of Control” in Europe with Roth vamping onstage in a hospital gown and white gloves, groping and grinding with a pretty young nurse.