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It is probable that this was a Saxon holy place, and due to the presence of Bonville Springs, a 'holy well' close to the River Wey, (see: Bonville Spring) Peper Harow may have been a place of pilgrimage.

The ancient Yew tree in the churchyard has been dated at over 600 years old, and some local belief puts its age at 1000 years.

It was Theodore of Tarsus, Archbishop of Canterbury, 668-690, who began to divide England to dioceses and parishes, but this was done very gradually and not completed until long after his day.

Originally the monks at Oxenford served this church before they moved to Waverley Abbey after some disastrous floods at Oxenford when some monks and cattle were drowned.

Every girl "on going out to work" was given 10 shillings by the Church. The first husband was John Adderley, Lord Mayor of London a generation before Dick Whittington.

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For some, Peper harow is an ancient and sacred place of healing and tranquillity.

In 1995, local residents formed a Trust with the sole purpose of ensuring the preservation of the fabric and contents of the two churches in the area - St. The churches are a rich and living inheritance which we have a responsibility to preserve and pass on to future generations.

They are a significant part of our historical and architectural heritage and an integral and beautiful feature of the landscape of our villages.

It is inevitable that these buildings, over the years, will need regular maintenance and restoration.

Hence our concern and the reason for setting up the Trust. Nicholas and has been a parish church since before 1301. Nicolas was a real person but all the stories concerning him are purely legendary.Augustus Welby Pugin (1803-1953) changed the face of this small church.