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11-Jun-2020 04:23

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Today we’re delving into the super serious, hardcore players only world of dating simulators. For this list we’ve tried our best to find a wide variety of games and a mix of well-known and less well-known Let’s Players. Now, I know that Pewdiepie might not be your cup of tea - but I promise you that we’ve finally found the ideal medium for our divisive swedish mega star: dating simulators.

Well, that might not entirely be true either, but hey, you’re still watching right?

While it’s not in your face funny, and the premise may seem a bit silly (if not daunting) at first, there’s a level of honesty and authenticity to it that is so rarely distilled in gaming on You Tube.

Dark does this because he loves it, and the fans watch because they love it too - haters be damned.

It’s not exactly AAA, but hey, at least there’s a love scene when you make a successful match.

I mean, sorta..kinda have to imagine that the real action is happening below the bubbles there.

Everyone knows the main power couple in the mushroom kingdom is Peach and Mario, a relationship which has survived in spite of Mario’s very public Mushroom addiction, but you know who never gets any love, literally? Of course, as lucahjihn soon finds out, Wario’s just working on his next scam here.

But, without having to play it, just tell me: do you ever make the Hunie ...pop? That answers one question but raises so many others... By the way, if any Mojoholic out there wants to make a Watch Mojo dating simulator… For more lists published daily, be sure to subscribe to Watch

All seriousness aside though, I’ll give you good money to compose a compilation of all the times he says “dots” throughout all 82 episodes…

lucahjin We hope you haven’t had your fill for unlicensed dating simulators because we got a preeetty good one coming up here.

Thanks and congratulations to our featured video creators: Pew Die Pie, Voices From The Dark, Lucahjin, Markiplier, and jacksepticeye!

Welcome to Watch Mojo’s Let’s Play Countdown, where we count down our favorite Let’s Play videos in a specific category. Or stay, if you were going to - but please keep an open mind.

I’m pretty sure they just reused the same stock image of 1D over and over again. I mean, how could he have known that Louis would get injured playing football? So I’m not sure if it’s intended theme of the game or the overall quality, but our host does seem to begin to lose his drive somewhere in the middle of episode 2. You might feel like this is a pretty poor excuse for a simulation and you’d be right, but these ripped-from-fan-fiction scenarios are so preposterous, and the dialogue options so bad that you can’t look away.