Dating my sister

28-Sep-2020 13:02

So a month and half goes by and she comes home for the summer in the middle of June with her first tattoo and her left ear has like seven piercings in it.

Ok that maybe an exaggeration but by the end of the summer her entire right arm from her shoulder to her elbow is a mass of colour.

Further this tale depicts sexual acts between two consenting adult characters that happen to be related.

Subsequently some people may find this topic offensive, if this is the case for you consider yourself warned and read no further. Sorry I do not have an editor yet and have tried three times unsuccessfully to find one. Tattoos, piercings, strange coloured hair, no hair, you name it.

No subtlety had nothing to do with it; oh no it was wham bam thank you Mame, overnight change.

She came home for Easter and everything seemed ok, I mean she and dad got into it over some philosophical debate about his politics and she hit him with some left wing liberal mumbo jumbo, the two just stormed away from each other leaving the rest of us to deal with what was left of supper.

If your OCD like tendencies will not allow you to muddle through some errors, typos, and the odd omitted word I apologies in advance and hold no grudge knowing that you have moved on to more well established writers like Chekov, Tolstoy or Hemingway (Had to through an American in there after two Russians, got to keep the Right Wingers happy. Either way my statement stands, my sister is a freak.

Well shots of tequila and shots of Jack, on top of seven rum and cokes is a little much for anyone and I challenge the most steadfast alcoholic not be in some kind of trouble by the end of the night (on second thought NO I DON'T). So my brilliant buddies decide it's in my best interests to take me home and they dump me off at my front door, ring the bell and run like hell. in my arm to restore my fluids and stop me from puking.

Turns out it was the smartest thing they could ever have done for me because at 5 a.m. Alcohol poisoning isn't fun for anyone, not you, not your parents and turns out not even Scott who had to explain a missing bottle of special order tequila and a basement reeking of puke.

So here I am with Scott, Monty, Jeff and Rick partying it up like no tomorrow when Scott gets the brilliant idea to break out his dad's tequila.

Will just for the record this wasn't just any tequila this was Patron, and some expensive ass imported bottle of Patron that cost over 0 a bottle. I didn't have anything left to puke and had a bad case of the dry heaves.I can tell she isn't wearing a bra as the seams and straps would show, plus her nipples are pointing out like it's thirty below when it's a comfortable seventy at least. " I asked not really believing she's is on anything but not really understanding her request. " There is a definite panic in her voice that I have not heard before. " I try to reassure her but she is acting a little weird.

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