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20-Sep-2019 10:11

There was a flowering of celtic arts and an establishment of land division that has partly persisted up to today.

Large settlements with earthworks were established. The Emperor Augustus launched his armies against Holland and Germany and established a permanent force on the Rhine.

They were known as Trinovantes and because of their origins are also called the Belgic or Belgae tribes and were possibly late arrivals from the Continent.

They were an organised society able to produce luxury goods such as the gold torcs found at Ipswich.

Although Caesar recorded Belgic raiders to England who may have settled there, it is now thought to indicate payments for military service, close cultural links and trading ties as well as gifts cementing political or social alliances across the Channel.

A few Iron age artefacts have been discovered in the area.

This area of France has been called Belgica, and these coins are known to collectors as Gallo-Belgic A to F series.

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They seem to have expanded their power and influence over the next 50 years.In South Suffolk, Clare Camp, formerly Erbury, may have been an iron age fort of the Trinovantes but no archeological evidence exists for this idea.

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