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Macau thus emerged as a Portuguese colonial settlement with a European-Christian identity, but as a result of its allowing Chinese immigration and settlement from early on, acquired a mixed character.

Due to its open, commercial character and its weak military position vis-a`-vis China, there was never any exclusivist policy or national identity, though its political adherence was to Portugal.

As unofficial emblems or symbols of the town one might see the casino as the emblem of "modernity" (giving the city its main income), and the lone facade of Saint Paul's Cathedral as an apt symbol of Macau's past.

This façade, a typical Portuguese structure, is the only remnant of an impressive Catholic church destroyed by fire in the eighteenth century.

Macau-Chinese relations were occasionally tense but never violent.

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At present, population growth is about 1.8 percent annually.Since the early nineteenth century the majority of the population was Chinese.Macau was located on the old "silk route" and emerged as a major entrepôt (intermediary) trading center in Southeast Asia in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.Macau's status as an outpost of European settlement and commerce in China and its air of isolation gave it a special historical identity.

Its population, while politically dominated by the Portuguese and their descendants, was always marked by an admixture of groups and by a steady influx of Chinese migrants.

As a creation of the Portuguese, Macau represents a peculiar blend of Oriental and Western influences.

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