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Other regional names for the weapon include kaṭhāri (ಕಠಾರಿ) in Kannada, katāram (കട്ടാരം) in Malayalam, kaṭyāra (कट्यार) in Marathi, kaṭār (ਕਟਾਰ) in Panjabi, and kaṭāra (कटार) or kaṭāri in Hindi.The katar was created in south India, As the weapon spread throughout the region it became something of a status symbol, much like the Southeast Asian kris or the Japanese katana.During the 18th and 19th century, a distinctive group of katar were produced at Bundi in Rajasthan.

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Similarly, figures and scenes were chiselled onto the blade.

The force of a katar thrust could be so great that many blades were thickened at the point to prevent them from bending or breaking. All katar with thickened tips are commonly described as "armour-piercing", but it is likely that only narrow and slender blades made this function possible.

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