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23-Oct-2019 13:03

Nonetheless, in most of the cases, HPV infection is not characterized by any significant symptoms.

Consequently, the infection remains unnoticed and eventually goes away on its own.

There are over hundred varieties of this virus that can be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact and cause different types of problems like genital warts, plantar warts and common warts appearing on other parts on the body.

Some may also cause cancer; however, this is not too common.

Despite this, the use and promotion of condoms continue to be targets for controversy and criticism, and sexual abstinence and monogamy are often promoted as superior alternatives.

While condoms offer useful and vital protection, they have also become associated with promiscuity and infidelity.

In severe cases, treatments such as Cone biopsy, Cryosurgery, Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP) and Laser treatment can be used to remove or destroy abnormal tissues.

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HPV infections are generally diagnosed with the help of Pap test, Colposcopy, Schiller test and Biopsy.Though effective in getting rid of the problem still, some of these chemicals can cause pain, burning, irritation and other side effects.

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