Dating fender pickups nlp tips dating

28-Feb-2020 09:08

Ensure that whatever is used to clean the pickup doesn't leave a residue.

Once again it seems to have happened to several companies who farmed their budget lines out to asia and japan.

So I acquired a set of Fender pickups that my buddy had laying around. FWIW, they have no markings to identify them as Fender or not, and have white pickups covers.

(traded me some bench time for the pickups, as I restring/set up/mod a bunch of his axes) Anyways, I'm trying to figure out what they are. (under the cover, the coil wire area is wrapped in black, and the top part of the pickup assembly is grey as well) I'm assuming these may be Fender USA 60s RI pickups, but have no way to verify.

The dating guidelines in this how-to editorial stop after 1967.

This is due to the fact that little has changed since then.Note that if you're looking at a Fender Telecaster pickup that doesn't have any flat work at all, you've likely stumbled on to a very unique and valuable \"Pre CBS\" pickup.