Dating english tall case clocks

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They also became a major manufacturer of tower and street clocks after 1872 and in between 1915 were manufacturers of jeweled watches.“That our business has throughout half a century steadily increased from a small beginning to its present dimensions, is sufficient evidence of the quality of our work. Examples dating from the seventeenth century to the 1970s are included.

The earliest of the clocks indicate only three patent dates on the dials, September 19, 1854, November 17, 1857 and January 31, 1860. Some of the most popular later types include walnut kitchen clocks, made from 1884–1909; marble clocks, 1887–ca.Garden furniture is listed in the Garden Furnishings category.Related items may be found in the Architectural, Brass, and Store categories. ff3=4&toolid=10044&campid=5336649018&customid=furniture&lgeo=1&mpre= Subsequently, he became a skilled woodworker and built houses and barns in the nearby towns around Farmingbury/Wolcott (incorporated 1796).

In the early 1800s, Seth attempted to set up a clock-making industry in Wolcott. The woods around the house were filled with mountain laurel trees; many Wolcott men worked cutting the trees and sawing them into thin slices, which, when seasoned, were used for the wooden wheels of the clocks.The women of the town spun flax (cotton) into cords and these were used to hold the clock weights.