Dating disability online people

30-Dec-2019 17:02

It was painful to realize that the hard part isn’t over once someone learns that I’m disabled.

Going on dates with me can be a crash course on disability, and I recognize that’s not always easy for non-disabled people to process.

I write and speak endlessly about being a proud, unapologetic disabled woman.

It is part of my identity, shaping everything I do and everything I value.

Because I was born with my disability — Larsen syndrome, a genetic joint and muscle disorder — I’d already gathered a pile of romantic rejections seemingly big enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool by the time I downloaded Tinder.

This particular rejection, however, unleashed a wave of panic within me.

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I shut that down by explaining that my disability is part of who I am and it’s nothing to be sorry for.

So, we spent our entire date sitting directly below the painters, eating dinner and making strained conversation with wine-fueled laughter and painting instruction in the background. Following that disaster, I promised my date I’d get his money back.

As soon as the company refunded our tickets, I never heard from him again.

My disability is part of my identity and I’m a loud, proud disability rights activist, but there is so much more that defines me (you know, like the stuff I’ve got in my profile).

I realize some people are hesitant to date a human who experiences the world sitting down.But I’d like to think you’ll keep reading and dive a little deeper.

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