Dating bear grizzly bows advantages and disadvantages of thermoluminescence dating

01-Oct-2020 11:22

Why then, if there are so many Bear bows out there, are they so valuable?

Wouldn’t it make sense that other bow companies who madey fewer bows would be rarer, and thus command more value?

These bows of 1949, 1950 and early 1951 can be recognized by the lamination of aluminum in the limbs.

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The pride in his craftsmanship is demonstrated in that each and every bow which Nels made is either stamped or signed with his name, along with the words “Bear Products by Grumley” or “Bear Archery by Grumley”.

The Aluminum Laminated Bows The first new bow model which was introduced in 1949 after Nels’ departure was the Grizzly.

The Polar and Kodiak were introduced in the following year, 1950.

However, his private venture into the bow making business lasted only two years before he took a job in an appliance manufacturer as a model maker.

These “Grumley by Grumley” bows are marked with a simple stamped signature “Grumley” either on the limb or on the riser, and are very scarce and excellent collector items.Beginning in 1938, Grumley bows bore the stamped mark of the maker, sometime in the early 1940’s, the stamp was broken and all bows after that date bore the written mark of their famous maker. Well, when Nels first began making bows for Fred in 1938, he used a sort of branding iron to stamp into the wood his mark “Bear Products by Grumley”.