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At the start of the game, they are set asthus: Aeris: 50Tifa: 30Yuffie: 10Barret: 0As the game proceeds, certain decisions or tasks you undertake will amendthem.

When you reach the date, whoever has the highest Affection value willbe the one chosen for the cutscene.

----------------------------One of the many mysteries of FF7, has always been the Gold Saucer Date.

12 08 2009 - For Final Fantasy VII on the Play Station, Gold Saucer Date Guide by TFergusson.

The date mechanics are a gameplay element in Final Fantasy VII .

" ( 1 Aeris)"Yeah, that's right" (-5 Aeris)After you get through Sector 6 to the playground:"Take her home." --"Go on to Sector 7." ( 1 Aeris)If Tifa is chosen as the Don's date:"You all right? " (-2 Aeris)If Aeris is chosen as the Don's date:"You all right? " ( 2 Yuffie)"That's right" ( 2 Yuffie)"You kiddin'? " --"Let's hurry" ( 2 Yuffie)The Cargo Ship--------------On the Cargo Ship, if Yuffie asks you for Tranquilizers:"Here, use this" ( 4 Yuffie)"Nope" (-2 Yuffie)When Aeris asks you about the Airship:"I'll take you someday" ( 2 Aeris)"I dunno..." (-2 Aeris)When Tifa asks you about war:"Yeah..." ( 2 Tifa)"I don't know" (-2 Tifa) Note: I know that Aeris sometimes asks you if you like girls with tans,but it seems she doesn't ask you at times.

It may have something to dowith who was your battle party for Jenova*Birth....How each character is chosen is based upon a hidden value in the.

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