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We believe that music is born in the human heart and that its expression is the ultimate statement of our humanity.

Gold Tone's mission is to inspire everyone to give a voice to their musical ideas through the medium of our fretted instruments of the highest quality, offered at the fairest prices possible.

All Gold Tone instruments are designed in-house by Wayne and our luthiers and are available nowhere else.

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Way back in the Golden Age of jazz (we’re talking about the Thirties through the late Fifties), a D’Angelico guitar was the guitarist’s equivalent of a Rolex watch or a Mercedes-Benz.

We love to play music, hear music, see music performed and to build and sell musical instruments.

At Gold Tone, we embrace all music and musicians: beginners, hobbyists, professionals; fans of bluegrass, folk, pop, rock, or any genre.

Nothing is worse than unexpectedly developing a problem with your beloved instrument and being stuck playing air guitar. We strive to do everything we can to remove anything that hinders you from making music as it was intended.

Registering your warranty ensures that you have the maximum protection offered for your instrument, and if you ever have a problem, just give us a call and we will be there for you. The only thing holding you back now is making the decision to join the Gold Tone community.

In particular, two categories of firm performance will be analysed: environmental performance and environmental reputation.