Consolidating school loans sallie mae

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I hope my advice here can help you find a solution and lead you to a much better future.Before I go I wanted to leave you with three easy action items you jump on right now to address your situation. Get Out of Debt Guy - Twitter, G , Facebook If you have a credit or debt question you'd like to ask, just click here and ask away.These attorneys can be hard to find but you can click here to find one and talk to them about your specific situation. And last but not least, if your Sallie Mae loans have any underlying federal status, there may be some Department of Education programs that might help.Dealing with Sallie Mae private student loans is not easy, I grant you that, but with expertise and perseverance there are some options. Just because a loan is help by Sallie Mae does not mean some are not eligible for these special programs. Here is what is certain, unless we can find a way to fairly deal with your student loan situation and get you to a resolution, it will consumer your life.These are cases that were filed at the same time as, most often, a chapter 7 bankruptcy filing.While people are under the perception student loan debt is not dischargeable in bankruptcy, that is not entirely true.

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Debt, and I’m in the trenches of a war against almost ,000 in consumer debt. Debt in early 2010 and followed along with my husband, Chris, as Baker and Courtney paid off all their non-student-loan debt, took down their college loan balances, grew their assets and built Man Vs. In early 2011, we got serious about getting out of credit-card debt for good, in large part so we could gain the freedom to homeschool our daughter, Sarah, who’s now 14.But it's hard to say that's the complete responsibility of the school to do that.