Configuration manager collections not updating

06-Mar-2020 15:25

Incremental Collections are a collection evaluation schedule that is similar to the Delta collection updates that were possible in Config Mgr 2007.In Config Mgr 2007, delta updates only added resources to a collection when the device was initially discovered.In Config Mgr 2012, incremental collections work as administrators expected in Config Mgr 2007.Any update to a resources objects are monitored and updated in collections configured for incremental updates.

As administrator, it is up to you to set the schedule for updating new collections (by default the schedule for new collections is also set at once per day).

This is the highest priority collection evaluation.

If an administrator chooses to perform a manual collection evaluation, then the next evaluation thread that becomes available will be assigned to a manual evaluation.

The performance impacts and business requirements need to be carefully considered to come up with an appropriate collection evaluation plan.

This blog post seeks to explain how collection evaluation works in Config Mgr 2012 (and Config Mgr current branch) including the new concept of a collection evaluation graph.For additional information on this feature, refer to the “How to Automatically Upgrade the Configuration Manager Client for the Hierarchy” section of In addition to the above, future client installations using the Client Push method will apply the new patch automatically.

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