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Compounding this dilemma is poor process management.

In addition to detailed instructions, there must also be good monitoring procedures to ensure quality, which is often not the case.

Furthermore, employees have little desire to improve their expertise through educational opportunities and lack motivation to perfect their crafts.

Absent good work values and attitudes toward their professions, all the government subsidies and investments will be unsuccessful at increasing quality in China.

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Numerous sources within the industry cite employees’ attitudes toward their work as the principal difference between Chinese and western companies: Chinese technicians lack pride in the fruits of their labor.2004): power distance, uncertainty avoidance, humane orientation, institutional collectivism, in-group collectivism, assertiveness, future orientation, performance orientation, and gender egalitarianism. (2010) found two that demonstrated a statistically relevant link with the adoption of QM techniques: assertiveness (AS) and uncertainty avoidance (UA). Journal of International Business Studies 28 (1), 177–207.Assertiveness is characterized by the tendency to be confrontational, defiant and aggressive in behavior towards others, and is traditionally believed to be at odds with core quality management values like cooperation and customer focus. Even with access to the best machinery and tools, Chinese factories struggle to produce products with comparable quality to their European counterparts because their engineers neglect to follow user guides to the letter.

A manual may direct its operator to perform a task at 100%, but the Chinese laborer finds 99 or 101% acceptable, resulting in high default and turnover rates.Cultural values—what a society deems important and acceptable—influence mental outlooks as well as observable practices and activities.