Capricorn man dating lost interest Total free chat fuck

04-Feb-2020 02:18

And it’s pretty hard not to take it personally, which just makes everything worse.Why won’t he come out and tell you he’s losing interest?If he doesn’t really seem interested in anything you have to say, he seems bored when you talk, he cuts you off, he looks away, or he doesn’t remember the things you tell him, it’s a big sign he’s losing interest in you.I have a guy friend who seemed to be destined for permanent bachelorhood.Whereas in the beginning, he would race to see you even if he had to climb out from under a pile of work, running on two hours of sleep, with the flu, these days he seems to jump on any tiny excuse he can find to avoid hanging out with you.Typically, whenever someone gives you an excuse for why they can’t do something, what they’re really telling you is they don’t to do that thing.MORE: Signs He Doesn’t Like You When we like someone, we can’t get enough.We’re curious, inquisitive, and we want to know everything.

It wasn’t because I was pressed for time, it was because I genuinely didn’t care! He doesn’t text back or gives you cold, one-word responses.I get flooded with desperate questions from women wanting to know if their guy is losing interest. I know what a miserable feeling this is…and what a confusing one!It makes no sense because everything started out so great and you have no idea when it started to go wrong.Basically, talking to him always feels like a struggle.

It doesn’t feel easy and effortless, it feels like you’re always coming up against a wall and it’s exhausting trying to break through.

Then he started dating a girl seriously, really seriously, and before long they got engaged.

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