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No one is quite sure when the chasm of Padirac Cave, or Gouffre de Padirac, was formed, but the ‘how’ of the matter is that the ceiling of the cavern below collapsed, revealing this large hole in the earth.It is known that the cavern existed in the 3rd century, but other than that, it’s a bit of a mystery, which has led to some colourful mythology surrounding its existence.Each is named after a distinguishing feature unique to each region respectively.Périgord Vert is rich with verdant valleys, rivers, and streams.

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He said that if Saint Martin succeeded, then he would spare the souls of the peasants he was about to drag to hell.A visit to Padirac Cave will stay with you and the whole family for years to come.Ticket prices for adults are €13.50, children aged 4 to 12 are €9.50, and kids younger than 4 are free.Standing at the bottom gazing toward the sky makes you really appreciate the cave’s vastness.

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Padirac Cave Where in France: Lot département, Occitanie Drive from Calais: 814km / 7h 55m With a diameter of approximately 35 metres, or 115 feet, standing at the edge of the entrance to Padirac Cave will take your breath away.The name Périgord comes from the Gaulish word for ‘four tribes’, which is how the area was originally split, and Dordogne is still actually divided, in some respects, into four Périgords reflecting this.