Biracial dating statistics

09-May-2020 16:44

This is the reason many African Americans do actually look like mixed race people with an African and European parent.

Look at Colin Powell, Jeremiah Wright, Beyoncé Knowles, … They all identify as black and have a black identified mother and father.

Still, if you see them together you can see they are brothers.

When you look mulatto Africans can see you are not black and Europeans can see you are not white.

Africans in East-Africa will call any white person ‘muzungu’, also someone looking like Obama will be called ‘muzungu’. Europeans call light skinned blacks and mulattos also black.

To most Europeans whether you are mulatto are not, you are just black.

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But these people have white ancestors too and could have children with blond straight hair and blue eyes, certainly if they would choose a white partner.

Maybe they aren’t but that’s not for certain because of their skin colour.

You can look white and still resemble you black father a lot.

Michael Jackson (before getting vitiligo) was a brown skinned black man, with the features of a mulatto.

If you look at him, the ‘real black man’ (because having 2 black American parents) and the 'real mulatto' Obama; honestly they are the same type of black man, aren’t they? This however doesn't prove that 'mulatto' people look white, this just proves that mixed people have all colours and shapes, and that they prove that race is just an illusion.Paris and Prince, if mixed race, are not the only mixed race children who look like white people. Jennifer Beals, actress, father black, mother white Wentworth Miller, actor, father black, mother white Rashida Jones, (Quincy Jones's daughter), father black, mother white Elisabeth Atkins Bowman, author of 'White Chocolate', father white, mother black Amanda Marshall, singer, father white, mother black Derek Jeter, baseball player, father black, mother white Blu Cantrell, singer, father black, mother white Mariah Carey, singer, father black (Afro-Venezuelan), mother white Jason Kidd, basketball player, father black, mother white And then last but not least: a little youtube video about biracial twins, one white, the other biracial as the world expects it (although called 'black' by the journalists).

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