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But in exchange for eternally preserving his mind, the 32-year-old will have to die in a process similar to physician-assisted suicide - which is only legal in five US states.

Somewhat ironically, the company Altman founded - Y Combinator - funds startups like Nectome.

And as if buying a car was not a lavish enough outing for one day, he proceeded to eat dinner with British boxing star Amir Khan.

Rashed AKA Money Kicks - is the son of Dubai construction mogul Saif Ahmed Belhasa.

Foil X applied the customised wrap on the supercar which was originally yellow.

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' Embalming fluid can keep a body frozen and intact, without the threat of it starting to decompose, for hundreds or potentially thousands of years.

Pictured right is the other co-founder Michael Mc Canna The idea of uploading human conscisouness into computers or storing it on the cloud is gaining popularity among scientists in Silicone Valley.