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16-Sep-2020 01:14

Bill Maher (L) tweeted out a re-enactment featuring Bill Saget (R) of the now-infamous photo of former Democratic US Senator Al Franken appearing to grope a sleeping female reporter, in the early morning hours on Thursday The photo Maher tweeted on Thursday included this message:'These New Years Hawaii trips are getting weird - Saget, forgive me!'Maher was posed on an airplane as if he were grabbing a sleeping Saget's chest, just as Franken was posed in the photo with a sleeping Tweeden from 2006.Me making a business decision to be the one that goes back & tells the story of how my sistren were cut down by Wonder Woman in the Great Battle of Nope. " Me: MYVGjx AKn — T' Swalla Jenkins (@Suite_Tea) February 28, 2018 But no forreal I’m gonna need y’all to read a comic or two before y’all just start signing up all the black women on earth to fight Wonder Woman because uhhhh….. — Lord Moldy Butt (@_Ash Bash Cash) February 28, 2018 Son Okoye would not beat Wonder ZTw BW — T'Swalla Jenkins (@Suite_Tea) February 28, 2018 O'koye: "What do we want? Just bc she black doesn't mean she stronger than anyone.

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I hope you'll follow along here, because I'm ready to get to work.'Franken gave one in a series of farewell speeches on December 7 on Capitol Hill, thanking his family and friends, while lambasting the president and his administration for what he called 'lies.'His 40 minute speech tore into Trump and his fellow Republicans on a number of issues from treatment of LGBT rights to health care and the middle class.'During his inaugural address, President Trump vowed that "the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer,"' Franken said.'But the Republican tax bill represents a slap in the face to those forgotten men and women. Smith will serve Minnesotans and all Americans well,' Franken said.Even if the Franken pic is of horseplay it reminds many women - and others - about being mistreated and harassed.'And one man noted, 'Jokes about sexual misconduct are: easy, not funny, offensive.' Another woman went so far as to say that Maher should 'get a new job.''Maybe probably in bad taste,' another person commented on the post.'I don’t think this is funny.

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