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29-Oct-2020 07:50

next destination: Paris and Bali - August 2014 - CHECK! About Guys I Want To Meet: ...i am fascinated by excellence... i enjoy talking to people about their views of themselves, others, the world...sometimes just babbling about nothing and everything.Many people do not have such a luxury to express their homosexuality in our country, let alone the world.In Bali, the four gay bars on the entire island are located door-door on one stretch of a street in Seminyak, huddled together like a new Stonewall, the only haven where Balinese don’t have to excuse themselves as just not having found the right opposite gendered partner yet. I lay on the sand watching the sunset next to a gorgeous man fussing with his Go Pro.I shocked my straight friends last night when I told them that, contrary to Kinsey’s famous 10% figure, the actual amount of homosexuals identifiying as such in the United States range around 3.5%.If you can imagine around only 3.5% of the people you are attracted to are available options to date in the first place, those are the kind of numbers I’m working with every day. I want to be able to meet someone because the two of us happened to connect at a moment — one that isn’t contextually based on being in a specific location (bar, beach, party, bathhouse…) or on an app.I am a proud gay man, but I wish there was more of us.I recognize that this is a privileged point of view considering, first of all, that I live openly in the gay magnet city of New York.

I am happy, little intelligent, normal cozy little crazy, and love good dinner, terrace, wine, travel, house music, nature, hiking and much more.Dating may also involve two or more people who have already decided that they share romantic or sexual feelings toward each other.

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