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Currently we can disregard from your earnings or Tax Credits up to £175.00 per week if you have one child or £300 per week if you have two or more children.There are however certain conditions that must be met: This would be where you commence employment or self employment (or increase the number of hours that you work) and that work is expected to last for 5 weeks or more.There is no dollar value against any worker’s name, as any payment made to a worker when they claim Long Service Leave is entirely dependent on their rate of pay (as indicated by their payslips) at the time of when they make their claim.Therefore, a cumulative contribution amount would have absolutely no relation to how much a worker will be paid when they claim their Long Service Leave.Pay the invoice You will be invoiced for 2.7% of the total gross wage reported on your WDW.The cost is not itemised per employee, and not to be deducted from any worker’s wages – this is an on-cost to employers.For apprentices, you still need to complete the form and advise of the days worked in each year where service may be missing, but you do not need to provide any details regarding wages – Co INVEST covers the liability of apprentices up to the first 1,040 days (4 years) of any covered apprenticeship, meaning there are no charges on the part of the employer for apprenticeship service.

We will also disregard between £5 and £25 of your earnings each week depending on your family circumstances and in some cases we may be able to disregard a further £17.10 each week, subject to age conditions, number of hours worked, if certain types of Tax Credit are in payment or if you or your partner has a disability.The contribution process is split into two parts because their components act in two different ways.The purpose of Long Service Leave Contributions from the employers is to fund the scheme and ensure Co INVEST is funded sufficiently to be able to pay out claims to all workers who have accrued an eligible entitlement.LAMFT is the only approval agency in Louisiana for MFT CEUs. (504) 232-8884 or [email protected] Management of Legal Involvement: Authentic Use of Therapist’s Self.

Applications for MFT CEUs must be requested and approved by LAMFT prior to an individual or agency stating that they have been approved for MFT CEUs in LA. PESI, Inc Contact: Customer Service (800)647-8079 or [email protected]*2018 Psychopharmacology Conference 2 Day Conference SEM #61183) 12.5CEU’s New Orleans, LA, 4/26 and 4/27/2018 *LGBTQ Youth: Clinical Strategies to Support Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity(SEM 8450 6.25 CEU’S, Shreveport,3/12/18; Lafayette, 3/13/18; Metairie, 3/14/18 *Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Certificate Course; 2 day intensive training (seminar #617820 12.5 CEU’S; New Orleans 5/3 and5/4/2018 *Trauma and Attachment: Effective Treatment for Helping Challenging Clients (SEM #61147) 6.25 CEU’s, Lafayette, 4/18/18, Baton Rouge, 4/19/18, New Orleans, 4/20/18 Maison Vie, LLC Contact: Susan Harrington, (504) 452-5937 or [email protected] Love: A discussion on micro aggression within relationships, 2 CEU’s New Orleans, 6/23/18 Beyond Ethics, LLC Contact: Deborah Henson, MSW, LCSW, J. 3 CEU’s Metairie, 6/8/18 and 11/2/18 Finding Solace Counseling Contact: Charles Gagnon, Ed D, LPC-S, CCMHC, NCC [email protected] (318) 737-7201 Marriage and Family Therapy Ethics–Confidentiality 3 CEU’s Monroe, Dates to be determined.

These charges are payable to Co INVEST in accordance with Co INVEST Rules as Trustee of the Long Service Leave Act. We use a percentage rather than a set dollar amount to keep the charges uniform and fair between the larger and the smaller employers, so that everyone pays their fair share proportionally to fund the scheme.