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3.0 LEGAL BREAK SHOT For the break shot to be legal, the breaker (with the base of the cue ball placed anywhere behind the head string) must either pocket an object ball or drive at least three (3) object balls to one or more rails.

If the breaker fails to make the legal break requirement, the balls will be re-racked and the opponent shall have the option of breaking, or requesting the offending player to break again.

b) If the shooter legally pockets the called ball and an unintended ball is pocketed as well, the shooter continues.

c) When the shooter does not legally pocket the called object ball, however pockets an unintended ball, the opponent has the option to accept the table in the current position, or require the shooter to continue (Pass).

NOTE: If the 10-ball is pocketed illegally or without being “called,” then it is to be spotted on the foot spot (see 7.1, Cue Ball Fouls).

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7.1 Cue Ball Fouls Only a) : Touching or causing even the slightest movement of the cue ball (other than a normal shot), even accidentally, is a foul.When a player successfully pockets the designated object balls, they continue their inning until either a miss, foul, or win occurs.: a) If the shooter pockets the called ball in an unintended pocket the opponent has the option to accept the table in the current position, or require the shooter to continue (Pass).However, obvious balls and their respective pockets do not have to be specified.

Any bank shot (object ball to rail), kick shot (rail(s) to object ball), or combinations (2 or more balls) must be called to their designated pocket, or they are considered a miss.The shooting player must declare his intention to push by saying “Push” or “Push Out” either to his opponent or to the referee, or the shot is considered a normal shot.

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