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The OP asked if people might object because they didn't like "homosexuals in the community." I don't know about that.I certainly don't mind homosexuals in the community, and I don't care if they want to have anonymous sex.I have heard some interesting stories about police who volunteer to work those areas at night, and let's just say they don't arrest every guy they meet.SNIP It just doesn't seem right that gay males would be more inclined to go find anonymous sex than straight males would, and that the best place they can think to go is a public park.Oh, I'm sure you could find a man to suck your cock in public as easily as a gay guy could.In fact most of the guys arrested in the particular area in my town seem to be married and straight. "Sorry officer I just stopped to take a piss in the woods.


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When I first moved into the area, I was advised against riding in that park alone--not that anyone would bug me, just that it was kind of creepy. I was very relieved, because there were guys there who were actively cruising, and I definitely felt uncomfortable.

There is a park here, near the Pentagon believe it or not, where it's quite common.

I used to bike through and often stop to rest before finishing the last few miles of my ride.

For a while, the wooded area beside a bike path right across the street from my home was being used for public sex. People no longer felt that they could take their kids for a nice bike ride, because the scenery might include views of partially clothed people doing various things to each other. I don't want to see people getting their kink on, either, although I'd assume they were at least trying to be discreet.

The situation changed dramatically after a police officer on a bicycle began to patrol the path. Chasing them out, or installing better lighting, seems appropriate.I have mentioned this on the boards before, but when I was living in Berlin, an older man told me that his father told him (before WWII) that if he was feeling horny, he should walk through the park at night and let some guy give him a blow job.

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