Ani difranco dating mike napolitano what to know about dating

22-Nov-2019 09:16

Minutes later I spotted the young baby — still very much awake — strapped into a carrier about to head out on a walk.

” She notes that Binary’s title track is key to her intention on this project.

It shows me, in a deep and spooky way, how we know things on levels below consciousness.

I write songs and then they happen, and later I realize what they’re about.

’” “When you make a record about family and relationships, people assume you’re mommy now and you’ve lost your edge, and it’s going to be all buttercups from here on. My kid is sleeping right now and I want to talk about some shit!

” On Binary, Di Franco tackles the challenge and necessity of teaching non- violence with “Pacifist’s Lament” and the need for empathy in “Terrifying Sight.” Remarkably, though, these songs—recorded, in her usual fashion, in a couple of short full-sprint sessions spread across several years—were all written prior to the 2016 elections and attendant political turmoil. “Over twenty-five years, I’ve found that my songwriting is often full of premonition.

“My last record was very inward-looking,” says Ani Di Franco.

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