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The former is a bit unique aspect of this company, these love dolls omit their lower bodies from below their belts.

Their Foamie Dolls are made of silicone, and their breasts and butts are entirely created by using foam.

Despite what Pusha T wants people to think -- Drake's been quite the opposite of a "deadbeat dad" behind the scenes, financially supporting his alleged baby mama through and after her pregnancy ... Sources close to Drake tell us the rapper's been cutting checks to insure Sophie Brussaux -- the woman Pusha T claims Drake has a secret son with -- lives comfortably.

We're told Drake's been supporting Sophie since she gave birth, and just before that as well.

Virgin Rose Doll is a US brand that produces American sex dolls within the US.

Private Islands Beauties are very expensive and highly detailed platinum silicone dolls, which are also customizable.

Several variations and parts are available to customize your doll a bit, but don’t expect Real Doll-levels of unique dolls.

Teddy Babes are love dolls made of soft plush and poly-fil, and are just like a teddy bear, only in human-like shapes and looks.

Boy Toy is manufactured by the Real Doll company, but these dolls are a bit less real-looking, and are inspired by comic and anime characters.

These are all part of a handcrafted and limited series, with three ‘generations” available currently.Real Doll by Matt Mc Mullen is the oldest brand in America, to which most other doll manufacturers wish to be compared to.