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SPIRITUAL ADVISER ON ALL MATTERS FISTIC: Hank Kaplan FOUNDER/PUBLISHER: Michael De Lisa EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Gor Doom ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Thomas Gerbasi WEBMASTER AND NEWS EDITOR: Ed Vance HISTORY & RESEARCH: Hank Kaplan, Tracy Callis, Matt Tegen STAFF WRITERS: Chris Bushnell, Dscribe DC, Francis Walker, Dave Iamele, Katherine Dunn, John Vena, Rick Farris CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Enrique Encinosa, Randy Gordon, Pedro Fernandez, Joe Koizumi, Mike Moscone, Dr.

Ferdie Pacheco, Jim Trunzo, Barry Lindenman, Pete Ehrmann, Monte Cox, Matt Boyd, Alan Taylor, Arne Steinberg, Lee Michaels, Joe Bruno, Lucius Shepard, Boxng Rules, Adrian Cusack, Phrank Da Slugger, Pusboil Now that all the freakin' joy & happiness of the holidays are behind us, we now get to deal with the shit rain from "The Hurricane" ... As you can see below, it's a relatively unspectacular record.

By the way, when I mention him along with Sonny & Leg-Iron Mike, I by no means intend to imply that he was on their level as a fighter.

The Giardello fight is one of the key elements of the movie.

Like Sonny Liston & Leg-Iron Mike, Carter's main weapon was sheer intimidation.

He looked like the baddest ass dude this side of Liston.

Most observers agree that Joey won by at least 10 to 5 in rounds.

Carter at about the 7th round realized he couldn't do anything with Giardello & basically gave up on the fight & went through the motions in the 2nd half of the bout.

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Giardello retired with a career record of 100-25-7 32 KO 1 NC & a reputation as a fighter that never ducked anyone in his long career.I saw the fight & he didn't destroy the great Emile as depicted in the movie. Griffith was not badly hurt at all, he just got caught cold & never got his balance.Due to the three knockdown rule, the fight was (in my view), prematurely stopped.Tiger also fought Carter, knocking him down twice & beating on him like a drum for 10 rounds as he blew "The Hurricane" out ...

Giardello's fight with Carter wasn't as dramatic but he won as convincingly as Tiger did.

Even more so when you consider that some of his fights -the vastly underrated Holly Mims for instance, were blatant fixes.

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