Alcohol and dating

12-Jun-2020 23:10

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I would become very fatigued after dinner around pm and sometimes fall asleep and not wake up until my wife came to bed.

I also had a "freeze frame" type of vision a couple times while driving when looking left to right.

As reality dating shows dominate prime time television in Australia, it is impossible not to notice the ominous third party that appears to accompany all couples on at least their first few dates.

It always sits just within frame, its presence so visible it’s almost become invisible.

It might make for entertaining television, but we can’t be surprised when the program ends and we find ourselves longing for a glass of white wine.

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Bottom line, the benefits of such consumption and the amount varies among individuals, by the type of alcohol, ie, beer, wine, liquor, by the amount, and the time of day of consumption.

Our data suggest that an extract of kudzu plant may be a useful adjunct in reducing alcohol intake in a naturalistic setting.