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Therefore, if some other entity modifies information used by Impala in the metastore that Impala and Hive share, the information cached by Impala must be updated.However, this does not mean that all metadata updates require an Impala update.For more information see the Configure Replication and Transport Users section of the Security Checklist.A replication agent on the AEM author instance sends a cache invalidation request to Dispatcher when a page is published.Syntax: in the common case where you add new data files for an existing table.Internal details: To accurately respond to queries, Impala must have current metadata about those databases and tables that clients query directly.

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Such circumstances include: The dispatcher flush is controlled by a replication agent operating on the publish instance.user account is used to authenticate the replication agents that are installed by default.You should create a dedicated user account for use with replication agents.Now, newly created or altered objects are picked up automatically by all Impala nodes.

You must still use the reloads the metadata immediately, but only loads the block location data for newly added data files, making it a less expensive operation overall.

Required after a table is created through the Hive shell, before the table is available for Impala queries.