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on the bench which I thought was a pretty heavy weight for her to be working with. He is thin, hard and totally hairless, almost like a boy.

Over dinner I mentioned that and she laughed and said I can bench more than that but it was a comfortable weight for her reps. It is all kind of weird how it all changed this evening and perhaps even more weir that we never have said one word about the new situation.

Before we started to argue more loud I just lifted him in my lap and then stood up with him in my arms.

He went dead silent straight away, I said before I carried him to bed that it looks like it will be Austria after all.

One day I had stayed home from work and got a chance to see her work out a little bit. He never protests when I lift him or take him in my lap.

When she was done I noticed her arms looked strong and she really looked pumped! I said that it looks like you are starting to get a nice set of muscles! I treat him both like a child and like a man that lifts his woman.

my sister in law,she is only 15y.piggyback on her back her father,mother and brother for about 20min.walk!

her mother is able to carry four people included me! Wow I said there is nothing better than being carried upstairs on your Amazon wife's shoulders.

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My wife has grown over the years, yes, some is fat but her muscles have really grown and now they got harder. So the physical status between us reversed little by little.

I suggested that she start exercising and got her some dumbells and a few exercise DVD's. I wrapped him up in the towel and started to dry him, I hugged him and suddenly I just lifted him up in my arms like you do with a child.