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02-Feb-2020 15:15

My goal for this blog is that it become a helpful resource for other MS Caregivers.I hope you can use what I share to improve your own life.Because authentic feelings about ‘self’ Sooner or later the narcissist’s False Self is not appeased enough.The narcissist will perceive something you did as ‘wrong’ – which means not approving of him or her enough, or because you ‘critiqued’ ’questioned’ or ‘didn’t agree’ with him or her in some way.It wasn't even on purpose - I was forced into this place by poverty.I literally had no money, not for bread, or milk, or bus trips or pens or pills. It's like..feeling you get when you have a sugar crash, when you haven't eaten for too long and you feel dizzy, the pavement is like rubber, your eyes throb and it's impossible to concentrate.Have you gone off paroxetine (also known as Paxil, Seroxat, etc) cold-turkey.If you haven't, you're probably thinking it's a bad idea, and you're absolutely right.

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And the dizzyness won't end no matter how much you eat or walk or rest..it's driving me insane.But I believe the comparison is valid; an MS Caregiver must first don his or her own mask before assisting their fellow passenger.